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Professor Jason Chuah is Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law and Head of Academic Law at the City Law School, City University London. He has held scholarships from Barclays Bank and the UK Overseas Development Authority at Cambridge University. He also has a Certificate in International Export with Distinction from the Institute of Export (UK).

Jason has been on the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s list of specialist speakers in e-commerce, and was a speaker for the International Securities Markets Association training courses. He is also an Executive Director of the London Universities Maritime Law and Policy Group and has been nominated three times for the Oxford University Press Award for Best Law Teacher of the Year.

He is a peer review of the Arts and Humanities Research Council and has been involved in various consultations with the Ministry of Justice, the OECD, the ICC, the Association of British Insurers, the UNCITRAL, etc. His works have been cited by the CJEU, EU Institutions, courts and tribunals in the US, UK and Asia.

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