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pin Kajang, Malaysia

Dato’ Dr. Aishah is a Professor of Corporate and Insolvency Law. She is currently teaching and researching on Energy and Nuclear Law. Apart from teaching, she is also involved in leadership roles in UKM. She served as the Deputy Dean of Academic, Research and International Relation, Faculty of Law UKM (2000 – 2006). She was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Law at UKM in 2009 to 2014 and the legal adviser of UKM Holdings( corporate arm of UKM) from 2010- 2013. She has been involved in the development of the Malaysian Nuclear Law to replace the existing Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984.

She is also known for her work as a Law Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia for the business and human rights portfolio, legal and international treaties and advises the Complaint and Monitoring Division (CMD) at the Commission. Her areas of specialization include company and corporate finance law, securities regulation, bankruptcy and insolvency law. Currently her areas of interest also include environmental and corporate regulation.She has written for various local Malaysian and British academic journals on company, securities and insolvency law.

At present, Professor Aishah is a Board Member of the Companies Commission of Malaysia, Board Member of the National Legal Aid Foundation of Malaysia, a member of the Advisory Board of Intellectual Property of UKM, a member of the Advisory Board of Malaysian Legal and Tax Information Centre. Professor Aishah also served as a member of the Review Committee of Bankruptcy and Corporate Insolvency Law of Malaysia, under the Insolvency Department, Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia (2011) and a member of the Steering Committee of the Malaysian Corporate Law Reform Committee (2009).

Internationally, she is also actively involved in various committees and working group. She is a member of Expert Prominent Commonwealth Team to observe the Parliamentary Presidential Election of Government of Nigeria (2014) and Colombo, Sri Lanka (2015).  She provided consultancy services to ENCONET (European based company) for Consultancy Project for Malaysian Nuclear Power Corp between Japan and Malaysia on Legal and Regulatory Framework for Nuclear Law in Malaysia (2011 – present).