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Professor Andrew Keay has been Professor of Corporate and Commercial Law at the University of Leeds, School of Law since 2002. Before coming to teach in the UK, he has practiced as a lawyer in an Australian law firm, and he has taught at several Australian universities, where he specialised in the field of commercial law. He has also acted as a Deputy Registrar of the Australian Federal Court.

Andrew holds a doctorate from the University of Queensland, and he is a barrister for England and Wales. His research interests are in corporate and insolvency law. In relation to the latter, he specialises in liquidations, corporate rescue and insolvency litigation involving the avoidance of pre-insolvency transactions and recoveries from company officers.

At the University of Leeds, he teaches Company Law and Insolvency Law at undergraduate level, and Insolvency Law and International Corporate Governance at postgraduate level. He is currently supervising several Ph.D. candidates who are researching in these areas of law.

Andrew is also interested in issues concerning harmonization of insolvency practice, and management of cross-border cases. He has been principal investigator for the European Commission in drafting a “Study on a new approach to business failure and insolvency”. This study is part of the EU Commission Insolvency Initiative, which aims at studying the current similarities and differences in the insolvency frameworks of EU Member States, and at harmonizing certain aspects of the law by means of a EU directive to be published by the end of 2016.

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