pin Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Julia is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the LLM Commercial and Company Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Prior from moving to Rotterdam, Julia lectured Commercial Law at the University of Westminster and University of East Anglia. She has also lectured at the bachelor’s level at City, University of London, where she completed her PhD in Maritime Law.

Julia is involved in numerous academic activities, being the board member of the German American Maritime Institute, one of the executive editors of the International Transport Law Review, an executive member of the London Universities Maritime and Policy Group and finally a member of the Cross-Border Insolvency and Commercial Law Group. She regularly speaks in academic and industry conferences, having published articles in several renowned academics journals.

Before moving to Europe, Julia practiced law for a few years in Brazil, where she had the opportunity of dealing with international clients such as Citibank, Vestfrost, Amway, NIKE, BNL, and HSBC.

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