pin Tirana, Albania

Gelanda Shkurtaj is a lawyer and public notary, living in Tirana, capital of Albania. Since 2012, she is also Assistant Professor of Fiscal Law at the New York University of Tirana. Since 2013, she is a P/T Ph.D. Candidate at the Centre for Albanological Studies, graduating in Legal Anthropology.

After her degree in Biology at Tirana University, she graduated in Law at Genoa University (Italy), where she pursued further studies at the postgraduate level. During her 10 year permanence in Genoa, she worked as a Court Expert at the General Directory of Anti-mafia in Genoa and in many others courts all over Italy. In 2012, she held the position of senior project manager at Regione Abruzzo (acting as Managing Authority) of E.U. Funds (Instrument of Pre-accession) Cross Border 2007-2013 Programme.

She moved to Albania in 2012, where she established her notary office in 2013. The main filed of her practice is domestic civil law in general, and the implementation of contracts related to commercial law and fiscal law in particular.