Our Mission Statement

CI&CL is primarily focused on investigating, debating and providing opportunities to disseminate knowledge on legal issues related to cross-border practices in Corporate Insolvency and Commercial Law, with a particular focus on proposals capable of bridging the gap between theoretical soundness and practical application.

One of the main goals of this research group is to promote the academic debate in the area over policy recommendations capable of being accepted and implemented – both at national and international levels – by the wider community of stakeholders.

Other objectives include to disseminate knowledge inside and outside the academic environment, to foster interest and empirical research in the subject areas of the Group, and to provide training to graduate and undergraduate students who wish to achieve a deeper understanding of the disciplines.

To achieve its objectives, CI&CL organises a series of events that foster the interaction and the dissemination of knowledge among young and senior scholars, experienced practitioners, legal and industry experts, and the society at large. Via research, communication, and interaction, it aims to promote the understanding and development of the legal, regulatory and policy issues in cross-border Corporate Insolvency and Commercial Law matters.