Schedule and Programme

The 2nd Cross-Border Corporate Insolvency and Commercial Law [CI&CL] Research Group Conference 2018

 Insolvency Conference – Morning Programme

Northampton Suite


9.00      Registration, Tea/Coffee and Welcome

9.30      Welcome Address and Opening Remarks

Prof. Jason Chuah, Head of the Academic Law Department at City, University of London

Mr. Eugenio Vaccari, Founder of the CI&CL Research Group


Session One – Cross-Border Insolvency Issues

Chair: Prof. Jason Chuah (City, University of London)

9.50      Singapore as an International Debt Restructuring Centre

(Prof. Gerard McCormack – University of Leeds)

10.10    The Impact of Brexit on Cross-Border Insolvency

(Hamish Anderson – Norton Rose Fullbright LLP)

10.30    Foreseeability and Predictability in Cross-Border Insolvency Cases

(Prof. Georg Kodek – WU Vienna)

10.50    Questions & Answers


Session Two – Corporate Insolvency in the United Kingdom

Chair: A/Prof. Katherine Reece-Thomas (City, University of London)

11.00    An Insight into the Main Corporate Rescue Procedures in England and Wales

(Sofia Ellina – University of Lancaster)

11.20    The Direct Costs of Corporate Insolvency and Returns to Creditors: A Study of the UK Administration Procedure in Scotland

(Yvonne Joyce – University of Glasgow)

11.40    Questions & Answers


11.50     Tea/Coffee Break


12.05     The Thomson Reuters – City Law School Insolvency Lecture

Covenant Lite Loans and What to do About Them

(A/Prof. Sarah Paterson – London School of Economics)

12.35   Questions & Answers


Session Three – Artificial Intelligence and Insolvency

Chair: Dr. Michael Anderson Schillig (King’s College London)

12.50     Artificial Intelligence and Insolvency Cause Investigation

(Jessie Pool – Leiden University)

13.10    IT for IP’s Appointment: CEE Experiments and Experiences

(Dr. Arnas Stonys and Frank Heemann – BNT Attorneys, Vilnius)

13.30    Questions & Answers


13.40    Lunch

            Oliver Thomson Foyer


Insolvency Conference – Afternoon Programme

Northampton Suite A


Session Four – Insolvency and Maritime Industry

Chair: Dr. Carlo Corcione (Legal Counsel and Director at Fratelli d’Amato Shipowners)

14.30    Cross-Border Insolvency and Charter Parties: A Recent Decision of the EU Court of Justice

(Lorenzo Fabro – Berlingieri Maresca Studio Legale Associato)

14.50    Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings in the Transport Industry: the Italian View. Mentions to Peculiar Approaches

(Marco Mastropasqua – Studio Legale Garbarino Vergani)

15.10     Cross-Border Insolvency in the Shipping Industry: What Lessons Can be Learnt from Hanjin’s Collapse?

(Dr. Julia Constantino Chagas-Lessa – Erasmus University Rotterdam)

15.30     Questions & Answers


Session Five – Insolvency and Aviation Industry 

Chair: Dr. Steven Truxal (City, University of London)

15.40    Airlines Insolvency: Are Things Different as they Appear?

(Dr. Federico Franchina – University of Messina)

16.00    The Alitalia Case: Extraordinary Administration to Avoid Bankruptcy and to Attempt a Return in bonis

(Lorenzo Ferruzzi – Zunarelli Studio Legale Associato)

16.20     Questions & Answers


16.30    Tea/Coffee Break

            Northampton Suite C


Session Six – Insolvency and Industry  

Chair: Chijioke Chijioke-Oforji (City, University of London)

16.45    Italian Banking Crisis in 2015 – 2017

(Prof. Sido Bonfatti – University of Modena)

17.05    Litigation under Double Liability of Banks: All Shareholders are Equal, but Some are More Equal than Others

(Andrii Zharikov – Aston University)

17.25    A New Moratorium Power under the BRRD: A Review of its Merits and Challenges

(Lynette Janssen – Leiden University & Christian Mecklenburg – University of Warwick)

17.45     Restructuring Municipal Bankruptcy: Challenges and Opportunities

(Prof. Laura N. Coordes – Arizona State University)

18.05    Using what is Inherent in the Acquired Rights Directive: Curing TUPE Conflicts through Cooperation (Views from Practice and the Academy)

(Dr. Jennifer L.L. Gant – Nottingham Trent University and Mr. Clive Day – Legal Director Gateley Plc)

18.25     Questions & Answers


18.45    Close of Conference & Drink Reception to Follow

             City University Bar


Insolvency Conference – Afternoon Programme

Northampton Suite B


Session Four – Insolvency Law Theoretical Framework

Chair: Dr. Onyeka Osuji (University of Essex)

14.30    The Need for a New Theoretical Framework to Regulate EU Cross-Border Insolvency and Rescue Law

(Emilie Ghio – University of Cork)

14.50    EIR Recast: The Transition from a Modified Universalism to Contractualistic Universalism

(Athanasios Paizis – Law School of Athens)

15.10     The Abuse of Voting Right in Corporate Reorganization. Conflict of Interest and Duty of Fairness

(Gabriele Nuzzo – University of Milano-Bicocca)

15.30     Questions & Answers


Session Five – The Content of Corporate Insolvency Law: Corporate Borrowing &

Executory Contracts

Chair: Dr. Heike Lueke (Kingston University)

15.40    Third-party Effectiveness of Retention of Title Agreements: Maintaining the Balance between Owners and other Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings

(Inge Van de Plas – University of Antwerp)

16.00    The Treatment of Executory Contracts in Business Rescue Procedures

(Sanrie Lawrenson – University of Johannesburg)

16.20     Questions & Answers


16.30    Tea/Coffee Break

            Northampton Suite C


Session Six – Regulatory Reforms  

Chair: Amar Vasani (City, University of London)

16.45    The Global Italian “Rordorf Reform”: the Current Situation

(Prof. Rolandino Guidotti – University of Bologna)

17.05    Major Changes in Turkish Restructuring and Reorganisation Practice

(Çağlar Kaçar – Kaçar Attorneys at Law)

17.25    What will be the Contribution of Individual Bankruptcy to Chinese New Normal Economy?

(Pingyao Xie – University of Kent)

17.45     Preventing Insolvency Fraud in the Netherlands

(A/Prof. Samantha Renssen – Maastricht University)

18.05    The Lowest Intermediate Balance Rule: An Australian Perspective

(Dr. Christian Chamorro-Courtland – University of Sydney)

18.25     Questions & Answers


18.45    Close of Conference & Drink Reception to Follow

            City University Bar


 This programme may be subject to change.